Diverse events across the southeast managed by Greenawalt Hospitality, from concerts to corporate gatherings.

Paid Internship Opportunity at Greenawalt Hospitality

Are you passionate about event management and eager for hands-on experience in a dynamic industry?

The Greenawalt Hospitality Internship offers a unique chance to dive deep into event management, guided by industry leaders.

Discover Greenawalt Hospitality

Greenawalt Hospitality, LLC, with headquarters in Auburn and operations in Birmingham, Alabama, is a beacon in the event management sector. In 2023 alone, we executed over 1,500 events across the southeast, reaching as far west as Texas, and delighted more than 215,000 attendees. Our range of services spans from beverage solutions to luxury amenities, catering to a diverse clientele from intimate gatherings to grandiose festivals.

Why Choose the Greenawalt Hospitality Internship?

This internship is your gateway to the multi-faceted world of event management. From initial client consultations to the grand finale of an event, you'll gain comprehensive insights and practical experience in every step of event planning and execution. We're committed to nurturing the next generation of hospitality leaders, offering unparalleled exposure to the industry's many dimensions.

Learn more about our team and company including the different brands that make up the Greenawalt Hospitality family.

Your Role in Our Team

As a Greenawalt Hospitality intern, you will:

  • Collaborate on Sales and Account Management: Shape event visions and construct detailed banquet event orders (BEOs).
  • Dive into Operations: Learn the ins and outs of event setup, execution, and post-event management.
  • Enhance Recruitment Efforts: Discover effective recruitment strategies and onboarding processes.
  • Lead in Staffing: Take charge of staffing decisions to ensure event success.
  • Fuel Employee Development: Participate in initiatives aimed at skill enhancement and career advancement.
  • Ignite Marketing Creativity: Join our marketing mavens in crafting compelling social media content and innovative marketing strategies.

Begin Your Journey with Greenawalt Hospitality

This internship pays $12 per hour. in addition to hourly pay, you will have the opportunity to earn tips and gratuity working while working events.

Embark on an exciting journey with the Greenawalt Hospitality Internship program. Elevate your skills, unlock new opportunities, and transform events into unforgettable experiences.

Ready to start? Fill out the form below or email us your cover letter and resume to [email protected].

Greenawalt Hospitality Internship Application

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