Cocktails for a Cause by B&B Beverage Management

Making a Difference

We are proud to support bonafide 501(c)(3) charitable organizations around the country annually through providing nearly $75,000 worth of discounted services, assistance with processing alcohol donations, and advising on what's legal in your state when it comes to fundraising and alcohol.

Thousands of charitable organizations host their fundraisers each year, inviting high profile guests and entertaining to the masses. Typically a key contributing factor to the success of the fundraising is the food and beverage program. When guests can eat, drink, and socialize, the generosity of giving is increased. B&B recognizes this opportunity that charitable organizations have at their fingertips and we are happy to assist in the beverage portion of your fundraising event. Once proper documentation is provided of being a bonafide 501(c)(3) organization, we will happily provide our deeply discounted services, rentals, and labor. See our processes for donated alcohol below.

Close to our Hearts

B&B fully supports two charitable organizations near our Headquarters in Auburn, Alabama: Storybook Farm & the Tim Hudson Family Foundation. We are proud to name these organizations as our primary giving benefactors.

Storybook Farm

Each year, B&B provides its discounted services to provide an incredible experience for Storybook's largest fundraiser, the Kentucky Derby Day. Guests attend from far and wide to support the Farm and assist in providing means to continue its mission. B&B's President, Bobby Greenawalt, sits on the Board of Directors for Storybook Farm and the company as a whole sponsors the Farm.

Storybook's Mission is to empower children impacted by adversity and to reclaim the wonder of childhood through relationships with animals and nature. Their vision is that one day, every child who needs the restorative power of the human-animal bond will have the opportunity to experience it. Storybook's whimsical atmosphere and love for all in need are reasons why B&B fully supports their efforts.

The Hudson Family Foundation

Each year, B&B provides its discounted services to provide an incredible experience for the Hudson Family Foundation's fundraising events. The Hudson Family Foundation was created, and is led, by Kim and Tim Hudson, who use their many blessings to give back to those in need. The Hudson Family Foundation is proud and humbled to have impacted the lives of countless children and families throughout Alabama and Georgia.

The Hudson Family Foundation is committed to identifying areas of need in our communities, including children and families in need of physical, emotional, and/or financial assistance. They strive to serve those children and families through our Programs, in the hope that they will make a positive and long-lasting impact in their lives and in our communities. These are the reasons why B&B Fully supports their efforts.

Apply for our Non-Profit Pricing

Our non-profit program allows bonafide non-profits the opportunity to receive charitable contributions of services for their events.

Donated Alcohol Procedures

If you plan on receiving donated alcohol for your event, apply through our Donated Alcohol page after reviewing the legal procedures.

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