Frequently Asked Questions

See our most frequently asked questions below. If you don't see your question here, give us a call and we will happily answer your question.

Although food and beverage service operations should always practice high levels of safety and sanitation, extra precautionary measures will last throughout the duration of the COVID-19 recovery efforts and any reopening plan timelines announced by the state and local governments.

Over time, these efforts should help guests regain trust and comfort when attending events. 

Visit our COVID Safety Page to see the steps we are taking to protect our guests and staff. 
Alabama Restaurant Promise

No!  We provide over one hundred different services.  Anything from just a staff to full production food and beverage management for large events. Click here to see our services.

Deposit is due 10 days after you sign your contract. Remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your event.  Any charges incurred during your event, including consumption tabs, are to be paid at the end of the event with the Bar Manager.

Depending on which state you are in, the answer is either yes or no. 

Depending on your state and venue, a Special Event License may be necessary in order to provide a cash bar. Contact our team to see if a cash bar can be facilitated for your event. 

Special Event Licenses require 30-60 days to process, depending on the state and municipality, so if you would like a cash bar, please contact us with as much advanced notice as possible. 

Throughout the country, each state has their own licensure requirements for bartenders.  Every bartender that works for B&B is TIPS certified, which includes state licensure, for each state they work.  They are also trained internally on responsible serving, ID verification, and preventing overconsumption.  B&B is recommended by ABC Boards across the country for providing safe drinking environments.  Click here to apply to be one of our bartenders.

Bar Managers are required for most events. When dealing with alcohol distribution, there are many legal and liability items that require close attention.  The Bar Manager is there to coordinate the beverage operation, facilitate any issues that may arise, and serve as a direct point of contact to the host of the event.

We can provide our services anywhere in the United States with enough notice.  We currently have offices and operate daily in several states. See the map below for our current service areas. 

Liquor Liability Insurance is insurance that protects the company from litigation if a guests is over served and they hurt themselves or someone else.  B&B offers naming the host of the event as an additional insured on their liquor liability policy for a fee.

A liquor license is a state issued license, granting authority for a business to sell alcoholic beverages.  In some states, liquor licenses are location specific and do not travel from venue to venue, whereas other states offer license types that travel with the company.

A special event liquor license is required in some states if you are wanting to have a cash bar at your event to sell beer, wine, or liquor. B&B holds several liquor licenses across the country and we obtain multiple special event liquor licenses per year. Fill out a Contact Us form and our team will let you know what's permitted in your state.

Yes!  We provide both standard and premium portable white, stained, and rustic bars, back bar shelving, wooden and metal champagne towers, linens, glassware, coolers, keg coolers, keg taps, and more.  Check out our Rentals!

Our mailing address is 209 Alabama Street, Auburn, Alabama 36832.