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Join our team of dedicated hospitality driven professionals.  In the Hospitality Industry, we have a true nature to serve our guests.  Join our team today to become part of something great! This form of supplemental income is great to start your career, stimulate your current income, or act as a stepping stone to your next big move.

Account Manager

Account Manager

B&B has opened a position for a full time Account Manager. This position is in our Sales Department. The Account Manager will be responsible for monitoring accounts, impeccable customer service, providing a detailed account of their events, and achieving the needs of our clients, while building relationships and increasing revenue. 

Now Hiring a Staffing Coordinator

Staffing Manager

B&B has opened a full-time position for a Staffing Manager in the company's Special Projects Department. The Staffing Manager's objective is to input weekly event staffing, and any changes to those details, into the company's staffing platforms. The Staffing Manager will also be on standby for potential staffing changes and make adjustments when and where necessary. Additionally the Staffing Manager will assist other employees in the Special Projects Department in improving its systems as needed.

Staff Success Manager - B&B Beverage Management

Staff Success Manager

B&B has opened a position for a full time Staff Success Manager in our Special Projects Department. The Staff Success Manager's objective is to build a positive work experience for Part-time employees and Contractors through direct, constant, and frequent communication through the company's staffing systems. They will be responsible for all communication between the Company, Part-time employees, and Contractors. Additionally they will assist the Staffing Coordinator with staffing events and promotions, and assisting the department in improving its systems.

Now Hiring an IT Engineer

IT Manager/Developer

B&B has opened a position for a full time Information Technology Manager/ Developer. From working with the company website, training platforms, cloud services, computer/iPad management, e-commerce platforms, and standard HTML, Liquid, CSS, and PHP coding.

Bartending Staff at an Event


B&B is looking to hire entry-level part-time event bartenders, bar-backs, and wine servers. B&B offers several different types of services in the food and beverage industry such as weddings, festivals, sporting events, and tailgating.  As a bartender in the hopistality industry, you will be required to obtain state mandated certifications prior to working and will also be required to be available to work events on Friday and Saturday nights.

Join Our Team- Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador

AmPro is looking to hire entry-level and experienced part-time Brand Ambassadors. AmPro Brand Ambassadors promote beverages throughout the United States for many beer, wine, and liquor companies. As a Brand Ambassador, you will be working with our clients to push brand awareness of their products through promotional and tasting events.

Join Our Team- Snack Cart (1)

Snack Cart Attendant

B&B is looking to hire entry-level part-time Snack Cart Attendant. B&B operates the Vulcan Snack Cart in Birmingham, Alabama on Friday-Sunday each week.  Snack cart cashiers are expected to independently manage the cart and promote sales to visitors of the park.