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Our Mission

Our mission is to safely and efficiently provide beverage solutions throughout the hospitality industry.  We currently offer solutions for every type of event in the world through our innovative safety and efficiency systems.  We are Safe, Professional, and Responsible.

Our Story

B&B was founded in 2008 by Navy Veteran Bobby Greenawalt.  Upon his honorable discharge in 2008, Bobby began working at a local bar while being a full time student.  It was during that time that Bobby came up with the idea for B&B.

In mid December, the college kids had all gone home and business was slow.  Thinking of what to do for additional income, he called around to different caterers asking if they needed any bar staff for events.  One response given was, "I don't need just one bartender, I need eight".  Bobby quickly said, "I know of eight bartenders!" and the concept was created.

The company became official in December of 2008, despite a recession and broken economy. B&B quickly gained traction with nothing more than a truck, trailer, a dining room, and a basement. Now with offices throughout the United States, B&B offers over one hundred different hospitality services.

Meet the Team

Our office staff is comprised of veteran event professionals eager to help you with your next event.

Bobby Greenawalt


Rhianna Greenawalt


Executive Vice President
Cody Cryer


VP of Operations
Anna Hawkins


VP of Accounts
Mallory Edwards


VP of HR/Finance
Ally Sanders


VP of Business Development & Marketing
Jonathan Meador


VP of Compliance
Carlyn Bridges


Director of Accounts
Caitlin Cotton


Sr. Account Manager
Anna Dobbel


Account Manager
Alyssa Pruitt


Sr. Business Development Manager
Cristen Gros


Marketing Manager
Philip Moore


AL General Manager
Zach Moon


AL General Manager
Russell Smith


Central Regional Manager
Rocco Panucci


PA General Manager
Zach Branon


NC General Manager

Join Our Team

Do you think you have what it takes to be a bartender for B&B?  Apply now!

Our Commitment

Alcohol abuse, binge drinking, underage drinking, and drunk driving are some of the largest causes of death, unemployment, and crime throughout the United States.  The Surgeon General's "Call to Action to Reduce Underage Drinking and Drunk Driving" with supporting statistics showing the aftermath of alcohol abuse, the numbers sadly speak for themselves.

B&B works closely with local, state, and national organizations in attempts to effectively reduce the national statistics.  Providing safe drinking environments to responsibly consume alcohol is a priority for B&B.  We strive to change the way alcohol is consumed across the country.

A rising problem throughout the United States is binge drinking, alcohol abuse, underage drinking, and drunk driving on college campuses.  With little to nothing being done about this, B&B is creating new systems to address these issues. We feel it is our social responsibility, moral obligation, and ethical duty to use our resources to effectively reduce these alcohol related issues.  We have made this our life's work.

Safety & Responsibility

Alcohol safety and responsible consumption of alcohol is the utmost priority of Alcohol Beverage Control Boards around the country, which is why ABC Board's exclusively recommend B&B to provide safe drinking environments.  All B&B bartenders are trained in alcohol safety and responsible distribution of alcohol.

B&B President, Bobby Greenawalt, is on the Board of Directors for the American Beverage Licensees, is Vice President of the American Beverage Licensees, and is President of the Alabama Beverage License Association. He works very closely with these two organizations along with many state ABC Boards to increase safety and decrease liabilities in alcohol markets around the country.

Inc 5000 and Vet 100
Alabama Beverage Licensees Association
Alabama ABC Board

Guest Safety in a COVID-era World

The safety and well being of our guests has always been the number one objective and part of the mission statement for B&B Beverage Management.

Events provide an atmosphere for close contact, fellowship, and celebration.  State health and safety regulations allow events to be conducted in a safe and responsible manner, keeping the well being of those attending a top priority.

As events and gatherings begin to happen in the COVID-era, B&B is taking extra precautions as recommended by State Health Departments and the Center for Disease Control to further protect our guests and staff.

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