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Festivals & Concerts

Festivals and Concerts provide an array of responsibility and pave the way towards great rewards when managed properly.  Complete Food and Beverage Management at these shows is a primary source of revenue and one that we specialize in.

Whether it be Beverage Management, Rentals, Operational Management, Activation Sponsors, or Premium Hospitality, we have seen it all.  Fill out the form below to inquire about our festival and concert services.

Rock the South Music Festival
Festival Bar B&B Beverage Management

Beverage Management

Food Vendor at Rock the South Music Festival

Food Vendor Management

El Jimador Activation at Rock the South Music Festival

Sponsored Activation Management

Music and Miracles Music Festival

Compliance & Reporting

B&B Premium Hospitality at Rock the South

Premium Hospitality

B&B Beverage Management Festival and Concert Logistics

Logistics & Operations Management

Crown Royal Activation at Rock the South Music Festival

Why Choose B&B

B&B prides itself on its logistical and operational systems.  Our customer service is unmatched in the industry and we constantly improve our systems with innovations in technology, security, and market trends.  We are a veteran owned company and live by those same honor, integrity and professionalism practices.  B&B guarantees to offer your event the best solution for your food and beverage operation.

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  • Volunteer Agreement

    Please read the agreement below in its entirety. Select the boxes below to agree to the terms and conditions of the Volunteer Agreement.
  • Nature of Services: The Volunteer will perform bartending services for the Company as a volunteer (the “Services”). The Services have been specially ordered and commissioned by the Company. To the extent the Services include materials subject to copyright, the Volunteer agrees that the Services are done as “volunteer work” as that term is defined under U.S. copyright law, and that as a result, the Company will own all copyrights in the Services. The Volunteer will perform such services in a diligent and workmanlike manner and in accordance with the schedule set forth at the sole discretion of the Company. The content, style, form and format of any work product of the Services shall be completely satisfactory to the Company and shall be consistent with the Company’s standards. The Company agrees that the Volunteer's services need not be rendered at any specific location. The Volunteer hereby grants the Company the right, but not the obligation, to use and to license others the right to use the Volunteer's name, voice, signature, photograph, likeness and biographical information in connection with and related to the Services. Relationship to the Parties: The Volunteer enters this Agreement as, and shall continue to be, a Volunteer. All Services shall be performed only by the Volunteer. Under no circumstances shall the Volunteer look to the Company as his/her employer, or as a partner, agent or principal. The Volunteer shall not be entitled to any benefits accorded to the Company's employees, including without limitation worker's compensation, disability insurance, vacation or sick pay. The Volunteer shall be responsible for providing, at the Volunteer's expense, and in the Volunteer's name, unemployment, disability, worker's compensation and other insurance, as well as licenses and permits usual or necessary for conducting the Services. Compensation: The Volunteer understands that they will not be paid an hourly nor salaried wage. Gratuity: All cash and credit card gratuities will be split between beverage staff at each respective beverage tent and or service area. Dress Code: The Volunteer will be required to dress in the approved bartender uniform attire. The bartender uniform consists of a black t-shirt, khaki shorts, socks of a professional manner, and comfortable, closed-toed shoes. The Volunteer is not authorized to wear any other shirt to or at an event other than the required or approved shirt with the B&B logo. B&B shirts will be distributed upon arrival to the event. Shirts are to be purchased by the volunteer upon arrival. Uniform attire is to be worn professionally. If the Volunteer is unsure about his/her uniform attire for an event, he/she shall seek guidance from the Company office. Behavior: As a bartender for the Company, the Volunteer will uphold the highest standards of professionalism. A poor attitude and failure to do what is asked of the Volunteer will not be tolerated. The Volunteer will help and respect his/her fellow volunteers and work towards the accomplishment of the entire team of volunteers and not just his/her own self. The Volunteer will be courteous to customers and will avoid conflict at all costs. If a conflict shall arise, all efforts should be put into resolving the issue in an appropriate manner as quickly as possible. The Volunteer will follow all orders and instructions given by the Bar Manager and will not argue, dispute, or disrespect the Bar Manager at any time. The Volunteer shall greet customers with a smile and proper manners. The Volunteer Shall eat before coming to an event. The Volunteer shall arrive to work 15 minutes prior to his/her scheduled arrival time. The Volunteer shall be prepared to work when he/she arrives. The Volunteer shall always have something to do (clean, organize, etc.). The Volunteer shall ask the Bar Manager before leaving a bar for any reason including breaks. The Volunteer shall never leave the bar unattended. The Volunteer shall shall not smoke, eat, text, or use a cell phone during an event unless they on are their break. The Volunteer shall serve guests, rain or shine, unless told otherwise by the Bar Manager. ABC Rules and Regulations: The Volunteer will follow all ABC rules and regulations. Alcohol consumption, including a sip, by the Volunteer is illegal and prohibited during an event. The Volunteer shall not serve someone who is underage or visibly intoxicated. The Volunteer should also not serve closed containers (i.e. unopened beer, bottles of wine, bottles of liquor, etc.). Per state law, all drinks must be poured into a glass or cup, or opened in front of a guest. The Volunteer shall never marry bottles of alcohol. Bar Rules: Open only 1 bottle of each type of juice per serving station. Do not throw away any bottles of juice. Any unused juice from an event will be poured back into the respective juice bottle. Open a bottle of wine only when ordered (do not anticipate wine drinks). Open only 1 wine bottle at a time per varietal per bar. Use a jigger for all liquor poured unless told otherwise by the Bar Manager. Do not break down boxes until told to do so by the Bar Manager. Save all bottle caps. Do not mix products. Keep like products with like products (ex: Bud Light with Bud Light, Coke with Coke, etc.). Return all products to their original box, bag, or crate. If, for any reason, there is not a satisfactory box/bag, place the products in an empty crate. If there are no empty crates to put the products without a box or bag, improvise a solution and notify the Bar Manager. Do not count money/tips at an event. Do not steal from the bar.

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