Event Cash Management Form

This form is designed to assist event managers in accurately recording and managing cash transactions during events. Please complete this form to report cash amounts by denomination, starting bank details, and credit card tips for each money bag handled. Ensure all amounts are counted precisely and entered correctly to maintain accurate financial records. This form also calculates the total cash expected per bag after accounting for the starting bank and deducted credit card tips. Your diligence and accuracy in completing this form are crucial for effective cash management and reconciliation post-event. Thank you for your attention to detail and cooperation.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Manager Name(Required)
POS Number/Register Name Actual Final Amount in Bag Over/Under POS Recorded Total CREDIT CARD Tips Actions
Total Credit Card Tips from All Money Bags at this Event.
Enter the total cash tips for the entire event.

Tip Split

Enter the number of people that are splitting tips for this event. This number should include the Event Manager.
Combine the Cash Tips with the Credit Card Tips and give each person this value. Round the number down to evenly distribute the tips. (Total Tips - How many people are splitting tips)