Nestled in the loveliest village on the plains, Fountainview Mansion takes you into another time making you feel like you're living in a fairy tale. Resting on top of one of the highest vantage points in Auburn, this gorgeous home on a hill combines old-world charm with notes of contemporary elegance. Housing an extensive collection of antiques from all around the world, visitors of the mansion experience the magic of living in an old English mansion accented with a gorgeous English garden all while being conveniently located within the city limits of Auburn, Alabama.

Fountainview Mansion is the perfect venue for a plethora of events as well as a gorgeous backdrop for photoshoots and cinematography.
BNB beverage managament bartenders fountainview mansion
bride and groom wedding at fountainview mansion
Floral arrangement with neon sign at fountainview mansion
BNB beverage management bartender at inside bar fountainview mansion
Wedding at Fountain View Mansion front with tables
Bride and Groom walking holding hands at fountain at fountainview mansion
bride and groom dancing outside at fountainview mansion
Alpha lit letters at fountainview mansion wedding by pond
Bride and groom holding BNB beverage management signiture cocktails at fountainview mansion
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