Bartender Staffing

Bartender Staffing

Bartender staffing is ideal when you have already purchased some of your product or need to piece portions of your event together.  We are happy to supply bartenders along with our Rentals and supplies for your upcoming event.  Check out our Premium Cocktails to elevate your event!

What to Expect
Our bartenders arrive at least two hours prior to your event start time.  Bartenders will be wearing one of several uniform types that will be presented to you by our Accounts Team.  Staff will be courteous, professional, and hospitable to you and your guests. At the end of your the bartender's service time, they will clean up their area, pack up your product, and will check out with you before they depart.

Bartending Staff at an Event

Guest Safety in a COVID-era World

The safety and well being of our guests has always been the number one objective and part of the mission statement for B&B Beverage Management.

Events provide an atmosphere for close contact, fellowship, and celebration.  State health and safety regulations allow events to be conducted in a safe and responsible manner, keeping the well being of those attending a top priority.

As events and gatherings begin to happen in the COVID-era, B&B is taking extra precautions as recommended by State Health Departments and the Center for Disease Control to further protect our guests and staff.