Sporting Events

Sporting Events

Spectator events provide amazing opportunities for additional revenue on site. B&B provides Food and Beverage Management at sporting events of all types. We have extensive knowledge and experience in both indoor and outdoor events. Weather plays a contributing factor in those events and we stand by ready to react to what different climates, weather patterns, or natural disasters may present itself. Our strategic marketing efforts help in engaging consumers and increasing the spend per head.

Jordan-Hare Stadium


Auburn Basketball


Plainsman Park at Auburn University


Michelob Ultra Activation Bar at PGA Barbasol Championship


Bar at University of Central Oklahoma Hockey


Bulls, Bands, and Barrels



Boat Racing

Guest Safety in a COVID-era World

The safety and well being of our guests has always been the number one objective and part of the mission statement for B&B Beverage Management.

Events provide an atmosphere for close contact, fellowship, and celebration.  State health and safety regulations allow events to be conducted in a safe and responsible manner, keeping the well being of those attending a top priority.

As events and gatherings begin to happen in the COVID-era, B&B is taking extra precautions as recommended by State Health Departments and the Center for Disease Control to further protect our guests and staff.

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